BookCity 2018 – Venezuela XXI century

BookCity 2018
Venezuela XXI century: the tragedy of a regime in an ironic key

On the occasion of BookCity Milano 2018 Friday November 16th 7.00 pm at the Hernandez Art Gallery will be presented the book “Historieta de Venezuela” by Laureano Márquez and EDO ilustrado .
The book presentation tour is already touring Europe these days and will also stop in Milan. The comedian Laureano Marquez and the illustrator Edo will speak ironically about the tragedy that their country of origin, Venezuela, is going through in this period.

Book of dissemination of the history of Venezuela realized with a humorous approach. Conceived and realized by two very famous Venezuelan humorists, Laureano Marquez and the artist Eduardo Sanabria, the first in the field of non-fiction and humorous monologue and the second in the field of graphic and humorous design. The presentation of the book will be accompanied by an exhibition of works by the artist Eduardo Sanabria that refer to the cartoons created and included in the book.

Free admission while seats last
information: – 0267490252