LOVE POP 10 years


Personal exhibition of Eduardo Sanabria EDO

In Milan, besides the presentation of the book at the Hernandez Art Gallery, there will also be a personal exhibition of EDO titled LOVE POP 10 years, where, besides the works related to the Venezuelan book and theme, even the most international works are present until Christmas . There are pop music (Beatles and Rolling Stones), international artists such as Ven Gogh, Picasso and Andy Wharol etc.

All the works are presented with a modern and clean design style, framed in plexiglass or forming a block of plexiglass that makes the work almost three-dimensional.
Thinking it so that everyone can read it; illustrating with humorous spirit and investigating methodically; this editorial product has as its purpose not only to narrate history
of the country through illustrations, but also aspires to make closer the history of this convulsive homeland. Story of Venezuela: from Macuro to Maduro seeks union. Fathers and sons read it together, who read it and open themselves to questions. It also wants to be an explanation to all the curious of other nationalities who frequently ask; but what happened in your country? were not you rich? Edo assures that he took care of making the history book that he would like to consult when he was 15 years old.